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Himay Soar Corporation is a consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses innovate, whether that means implementing Manufacturing Solutions, getting Agency Approvals, setting up ERP solutions, or working on improving your supply chain. We believe that innovation is the key to evolution!

We work with businesses operating in various fields to include Medical, Data Communication, Industrial Manufacturing, Energy, and Construction. 



We offer a variety of services to meet your business's needs!
Process Development

Design Review and FMEA Analysis, Design Verification, Prototyping Solutions, Design Validation and Agency Approval

Organic Growth Strategies

Go-To-Market (Direct and Indirect), Market Expansion (Application Mapping), New Product Roadmapping, Design Optimization, Resources Allocation

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Process Development, Supply Chain Development and Enhancement Strategy, Automation Solutions, Process Improvement, Productivity

Inorganic Growth Strategies

Sales Expansion, M&A Matching and Due Diligence, M&A Integration


Industries Served

Medical • Telecomm • Industrial • Energy • Construction

"We believe innovation is key to evolution. Our passion is to help good businesses become great by helping leaders to bring out the harmonious victor in them and their businesses."


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Our Vision

Become the leading choice in helping manufacturing, engineering and technology firms to take their product from concept to release and soaring expansion.

Our Mission

We believe innovation is key to evolution. Our passion is to help great people bring out the Harmonious Victor in themselves and their businesses


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