REAL Leadership

Are you a REAL leader? Do you work with REAL leaders?

What is the #1 characteristics of REAL Leaders?

  • Leaders make Strong use of Emotional Intelligence. This drives empathy, motivation and self-control.
  • Leaders LEAD. They go first and set the tone for followers. This drives motivation.
  • Leaders Develop Relationships. This includes supportive relationships with their staff.
  • Leaders CREATE change. They do not wait for it to happen; they make it happen.
  • Leaders EMPOWERS others and guide them to succeed.
  • Leaders INSPIRES others
  • Leaders take advantage of OPPORTUNITIES. A challenge to them is an opportunity to improve.
  • Leaders are charismatic. This is driven by strong use of Emotional Intelligence.
  • …it all comes down to Emotional Intelligence and how to use it effectively to move forward.

The #1 characteristic of a REAL leader that you must ensure in your work environment is how strong they use Emotional Intelligence to collectively advance the team forward. If you are working for a leader, a good way to tell is whether he/she will have your back in tough situations. If not, it’s time to move to another organization with REAL leaders.

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