First Step in Creating an Inclusive Organization is Self-Awareness

Enhancing Organization Culture and Effectiveness by Increasing Self-Awareness of High-Potential Talent is a proven and successful practice.

Collaboration needs a high-spirited culture to be effective and inclusive. This is only possible by nurturing TALENT. Supporting High-Performers and help them be self-aware, is much more effective than suppressing their talent to satisfy and protect low performers. Suppressing talent would be detrimental to high performers and consequently to the organization. This is in fact defines NEGATIVE MANAGEMENT which is contagious and may infect the entire organization.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Terminating employees for a weakness without providing them time and training to overcome their weaknesses is not only bad for those employees. But it will put a great strain on the entire organization effectiveness. It creates and nurtures animosity and exclusion.

Inclusion and Diversity are NOT just slogans to repeat in each meeting or presentation. These are true values of any organization that aims to collectively succeed. These values need to be supported with actions that are dedicated to the success of the employees and the organization. Remember, People are your organization’s greatest asset.

It is amazing how much you change your perspective on yourself and others when you go through the DISC assessment, debrief and the follow up action plan. You will learn that people who do not respond to management criticism are simply not being insubordinate, they just do not see it. So, please HELP your organization by helping your high-performing/high-potential employees be self-aware and use their value to increase your organization advantage not that of your competitor.

Give your employees TIME and SUPPORT, the organization will WIN at the end!

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