Process Development

Developing an efficient and effective process determines the quality of the product throughout its lifecycle. The proces links the design intent with the product output through a step-series of analytics, verification, and qualification testing to ensure compliant, high-performing product offerings.

Manufacturing Solutions

Your choice of manufacturing process and solutions determine the success level of your product. The supply chain is a critical element but often overlooked until the end of the design cycle. Selecting your supply chain early in the process creates reliable long-term relationships that ensure quality service to your customers throughout the product lifecycle and beyond. Selecting the ERP system that can interact with your suppliers and customers is also an important stop that should be considered and updated regularly to ensure optimum results. Automation solutions are increasing in demand and could be a great cost savings solution; however, its critical to know when automation works for you. Continuous improvement is key in manufacturing and the only path to process enhancement and productivity.

Organic Growth Strategies

Organic sustainable growth is only possible when innovative customization and optimization are integrated into the company’s culture. Product expansions follow the evolution process but this does not mean starting at the drawing board. Low hanging fruitĀ  that increases profitability, often lie in small modifications that help organizations gain a big advantage. HiMay Soar has the expertise to help you discover these hidden treasures in your business.

Inorganic Growth Strategies

A Growth strategy that goes beyond the existing products and market of a company can be a cumbersome process that requires ample resources. HiMay Soar has the expertise to recommend targets that fit the criteria and perform complete due diligence of targets to integrate or be integrated to depending on your business needs.

Process Leadership Training and Development Powered by FocalPoint of Central PA

Strong and effective leadership is crucial to the success of the individual and the business. Leadership development training is proven to improve morale and productivity. Integrating these types of assessments, coaching methods, and training programs will allow your company to become a recognized leader in the market. HiMay Soar, powered by FocalPoint of Central PA, offers a wide variety of assessments, coaching, and training programs.